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Mini Baby Marimo Moss Ball

Mini Baby Marimo Moss Ball

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Marimo Live Moss Ball * 1

Glass Bottle * 1

Name Card * 1

Simple Care Instruction * 1 - daily use

Fresh-arrival Care Instruction * 1 

Perfect gift for school mates and kiddo friends.


Its photo thing made it so bright green. Marimo Moss Ball is slightly dark green for every moss ball, no matter what/whose picture online - Marimo does not look fresh green. It naturally lives underwater and does not need much sunshine.

But! Still cute!

These are our coming soon products, not a single edited photo yet. Still very nice looking:

All instructions can be found on our website article. Or just follow us and watch tiktok videos.

How to wash,

how to change water

how to quarantine (if you have an aquarium)

how to care daily

how to kill a moss ball - just tell you do not do those

  1. "Marimo Moss Balls: A Beginner's Guide to Cultivating and Caring for These Charming Algae"
  2. "Marimo Moss Ball: The Origin and Cultural Significance"
  3. Ways to Kill Marimo Moss Ball - Then Tips for Properly Caring for Marimo Moss Balls
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