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"LOVE" Preserved Moss Wall Art with Wrought Iron Frame

"LOVE" Preserved Moss Wall Art with Wrought Iron Frame

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Our "LOVE" Moss Wall Decoration is a heartfelt statement piece, meticulously crafted to bring a warm and eco-conscious aesthetic to your space. The lush preserved moss forms the word "LOVE", with a heart replacing the "O" to symbolize romance and affection. Encased in a robust wrought iron frame, this decoration is not only a stunning visual but also a durable piece that celebrates love and nature in your home.


  • Eco-Friendly Beauty: Crafted from sustainably preserved moss, this piece is an ode to the environment, requiring no water or sunlight to maintain its verdant allure.
  • Effortless Upkeep: Enjoy the everlasting charm of this moss art with minimal maintenance; it's designed to retain its beauty with only a light dusting and occasional misting.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: The wrought iron frame provides a strong foundation, ensuring the decoration retains its form and structure over time.
  • Romantic Design: The artful composition of the word "LOVE" with a heart creates a captivating display that embodies affection and charm.
  • Adaptable Decor: Versatile in nature, this piece makes a striking addition to any residential or commercial space or acts as a thoughtful gift for someone special.


  • Size: 23.6" x 23.1" x 1.58"
  • Material: Preserved Moss and Iron Metal

Transform your living space with the "LOVE" Moss Wall Decoration, a unique and romantic piece that brings the tranquility of nature and the warmth of love to your surroundings.

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