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Happy Birthday gift: Marimo moss ball kit ready to go full set for plant lovers

Happy Birthday gift: Marimo moss ball kit ready to go full set for plant lovers

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Marimo moss ball kit ready to go full set including everything needed as a happy birthday gift. 

Glass container, pebbles, marimo moss balls, tweezers, care card, and a free Happy Birthday Card 4x6 (random color).


The package will come with 1 extra moss ball for free! (So this birthday gift has its backup moss ball or a surprise of 2 moss balls.) But please order it before the last minute of the birthday, so that there is time to make it ready as a gift and write your best wishes on birthday card.

The special keys for this product:

This Marimo moss ball kit is the perfect birthday gift for plant lovers! It comes with everything they need to get started, and even includes a free 6x4 happy birthday gift card in an envelope. Give the gift of greenery and happiness with this ready-to-go set.

  1. Minimum care for this type of Japanese Marimo Moss Balls. The Marimo Moss Balls included grow very slowly. Thus, it is perfect for office decor or desktop decor, usually no need to change water every 1-2 weeks. If you are travelling, 15 Days is still good for healthy Marimo Moss Balls.
  2. Golden "Happy Birthday" on the bottle, shinning.
  3. Design with lid. The water will not attract flies or bugs come to drink water. It is good for your desk to keep dry; not like most plants leak water at the bottom. 
  4. Strong and tough. The Marimo moss ball only need water no else. Sustainable. 

Enjoy the minimum care for Japanese Marimo Moss Balls and ocean breeze design.


Glass Bottle * 1

Marimo Live Moss Ball * 1

Happy Birthday Card * 1 (random color)

Simple Care Instruction and name card * 1 - daily use

Fresh-arrival care instruction * 1 



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