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Marimo Moss Balls For Aquarium 1-2 Year 2-3cm Moss Balls: 5/10/20/50PCS

Marimo Moss Balls For Aquarium 1-2 Year 2-3cm Moss Balls: 5/10/20/50PCS

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1-2 Year 2-3cm Live Moss Ball Pet  - Kokedama Japanese Algae Ball Marimo Moss Ball Aquarium Plants

Squeeze to wash. Trim to shape.

Introducing our exquisite moss ball – the perfect addition to any beginner's indoor plant collection. 

These carefree, beginner-friendly plants require minimal sunlight and upkeep, making them ideal for those just starting their plant journey. Whether you're searching for gorgeous plants to decorate your jellyfish-themed room or looking for stunning terrarium ideas, our moss balls are sure to impress.

They make excellent gifts for plant enthusiasts or a delightful treat for yourself. You will know why moss balls are among the best indoor plants for beginners. Embrace the beauty of nature with our moss ball – an effortless way to bring greenery into your home décor.

Live Moss Balls 

Size Guide:
Similar to picking up oranges we use the largest dimension to measure a moss ball.

For example, 3cm-4cm moss balls. Once a moss ball's largest dimension reaches 3cm, it will be put into the 2-3 years tank (3-4cm) to let it grow. Some can grow faster from 3cm, some grow slower from 3cm.

If any of them reaches 4cm, it will be moved to 3-4 years tank(4-5cm). Thus, there will be some overlap or 1cm difference in the same size category.


There are two types of moss balls in the store:

0.5cm-2cm: Marimo Moss Balls, good for glass terrarium

2cm-8cm: Algae Moss Balls, good for aquarium

Special Note
From farm, not factory.
From tank, not nature lake.

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