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Exotic Pebbles White Pebbles for Aquarium and Moss Ball Glass Terrarium 1 Cup

Exotic Pebbles White Pebbles for Aquarium and Moss Ball Glass Terrarium 1 Cup

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1 cube, about 0.8-1lb


  • Perfectly suited for a broad variety of projects, including pet enclosures, terrariums, freshwater and marine aquariums, and more.
  • 100% natural and sourced from quarries from around the world so each pebble is uniquely-shaped.
  • Eco-friendly, easy-to-clean pebbles are the ideal substrate for mulch, plants and aquariums for betta, cichlids, goldfish and more.
  • Natural look and feel is perfect for fish, invertebrates and koi ponds, plants as well as water features and gardens.
  • Available in different sizes to fit your project needs and comes in convenient minimal packaging; pebble size is approximately 1/5 inch.

Upgrade your aquarium swagger with the Exotic Pebbles White These natural pebbles are 100% sourced from nature and are just the perfect substrate or decorative element for your terrarium, aquarium, water feature, garden, potted plants, yard or pond décor, or any landscaping project large or small. Gathered from different quarries from around the world, each pebble is uniquely shaped so you can achieve a naturalistic look easily and with less effort, anywhere you use them. They’re great for betta bowls, cichlids, goldfish and invertebrate aquariums, koi ponds are more. Plus, they come in various sizes to accommodate your needs.

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