Product & Service Descriptions

Moss Ball Wholesale

Marimo mossballs for aquarium or glass terrarium, indoor decor only.

Restriction applies, boil or smash before dispose.

Imagine Crafts - Glass Terrarium (preserved moss art)

Unleash the wonder and creativity of young minds with our Imagine Crafts collection. Curated for the little dreamers and budding artists, this enchanting array of finished products and mossy DIY kits will inspire boundless imagination and nurture a lifelong love for nature's gifts.

Home & Office - Moss Pottery, Moss Wall Design, and Moss Desktop

Infuse your living spaces with the allure of nature's serenity through our Home & Office collection. Discover a captivating range of home decor and office desktop adornments that harmonize your surroundings with the calming embrace of moss. 

Customization - Customized Moss Art

For moments that deserve a personal touch, indulge in our Customized collection. From personalized celebration gifts to inspirational icons and logo designs, let our bespoke creations speak volumes of your individuality and commemorate life's cherished milestones. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of tailored landmark and cityscape masterpieces, meticulously crafted to mirror your cherished memories.