Our Story

Picture a group of city dwellers working in the bustling streets of New York, yet hailing from the heart of Texas and the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. In the midst of our urban hustle, the call of our rural roots beckoned us back to the homestead during those precious breaks. Amidst scattered cows and horses on sprawling pastures, we found solace and a vision emerged: to bring a piece of that serene landscape back to the city.

Even amidst the chaos of New York's crowded offices, we sought refuge in our miniature meadows, gazing at the tranquil microcosms of grass. It was truly therapeutic: a breath of fresh air, if you will.

And thus, our very first creation was born: a bucolic cattle pasture encapsulated within acrylic. From there, our passion grew, expanding to encompass a variety of containers: glass, cement, ceramics, and more. Our scenes evolved beyond the serene pastures to include a plethora of characters and animals, each with its own story.

Then came our collaboration with artisans, giving rise to iron-clad masterpieces of mossy art that grace the walls. Utilizing perpetual moss, our creations require no watering or tending: a sanctuary for city dwellers, bustling amidst millions, but forever linked to the farm kids within.

Perpetual moss, a marvel of craftmanship, a piece of countryside woven into city life. A reflection of our childlike wonder, an echo of simpler times. Our journey embodies nostalgia, ingenuity, and above all, a profound love for the untouched beauty of nature.