Moss Ball Q & A

Common Questions About Moss Balls

1. Why some moss balls floating? Some moss balls not?


It feels like to.

This has nothing to do with healthy or unhealthy.

2. Why my moss balls have some white spot? 


Not enough sunshine for this spot - technically because of it sided down in my farm tank for a while.

Similar question:

3. Why my moss balls have some black/dark strip? 

Same answer:

Not enough sunshine for this side - technically because of it sided down or gapped between couple balls so it has strip.

This has nothing to do with healthy or unhealthy.

4. My moss balls split, I can see the core. Is it died?


It's alive. Tight it up firmly. It will hold its ball again in a couple of weeks. 

5. My moss ball not round enough, why and what should I do?

Tight it up firmly as above for couple of weeks. Feel free to tight them whatever sharp you like. 

Heart sharp below if you want.


6. The edges of the ball is white. What should I do?

Finally, the question that has something to do with its health.

For whatever reason its tips have dirt or white, you trim it with scissors, and give them more sunshine. Treat it like a normal plant.

Here is How to Remove-Brown-Tips-From-the-Leaves-of-Houseplants:

7. When does it mean my moss ball died?

a. Not like a seaweed smell, but when you smell something like a stinky sink

and b. Not the brown tip, but the whole ball looks yellowish. Squeeze, it feels like a rotten orange.

Ways to Kill Marimo Moss Ball - Then Tips for Properly Caring for Marimo Moss Balls

Died or almost died.

Dispose it properly.


If you ordered from us, and it for sure died in 30 days. Place this order for shipping fee:

Note your order number, and its age, its quantity. We will resend.