Collection: DIY Accessories for Glass Terrariums

DIY Resin Figurines and Tools for Glass Terrariums - Creative Miniature Garden Ornaments

Explore your creativity with DIY resin figurines, perfect for enhancing your Glass Terrariums. These resin miniatures are ideal for crafting charming miniature garden scenes. Add a personal touch to your terrarium projects with these versatile and adorable resin animals and figurines. 

Live Moss Balls (not wild)

We love to bring greenery decor to home and office. Live moss balls, aquarium moss tree, and mini moss aquarium in terrarium and aquarium. Those art ideas help people to reduce stress and enjoy greenery - indoor.

We keep moss balls in farm tanks and pet in a closed container. We never get any of them wildly from nature or lake.

So there is nothing wild.

Maybe you see furs. It is this wild cat. Out of my control and being naughty, playing near moss balls tank.