Ways to Kill Marimo Moss Ball - Then Tips for Properly Caring for Marimo Moss Balls

Ways to Kill Marimo Moss Ball - Then Tips for Properly Caring for Marimo Moss Balls

Original Article by Moss Artistry - Ways of Killing Marimo Moss Ball?

Marimo Moss Balls are indeed fantastic plant pets, known for their ease of care. However, upon receiving them, they've likely been without water and sunlight for 2-5 days during shipping. Moss Artistry provides initial care instructions in our package, so let's not dwell on that here.

In everyday care, what are the ways they might meet their dead? (OMG, don't ask us how Moss Artistry knows. We've unfortunately had to have a few Marimo Moss Balls martyred in our quest to test their limits. They turned yellow, shed, dried out... you name it. Suffice it to say, they didn't make it.)

sick and unhealthy marimo look like

unhealthy marimo moss ball

Moss Artistry Health and unhealthy marimo moss balls

So, let's dive into the situations that can lead to their demise.

  1. Overexposure to Sunlight: Marimo Moss Balls are low-light plants, and excessive sunlight exposure can lead to burning and discoloration of their foliage. Therefore, direct exposure to strong sunlight should be avoided.

  2. Poor Water Quality: Marimo Moss Balls require clean, fresh water. Poor water quality with excessive chemicals or pollutants can affect the health of Marimo Moss Balls. You can tell from the watercolor if it is clear.

  3. Overfertilization: Marimo Moss Balls have low nutritional requirements, and overfertilization can lead to water pollution and overgrowth of the moss balls, affecting their survival. Less is more. We have different types of Marimo Moss Ball care and nutrition in small sizes of 10ml - all you need is 2 drop in 100ml water every 2 weeks. Some Marimo Moss Balls can be sick, and beside Nutrition Solution, the other 3 kinds Moss Artistry sells are: Insecticide, Liquid Carbon, Water Stabilization. That’ll be it. Health Marimo Moss Ball may not need any, cause the mineral in the tap water is good.

  4. Extreme Temperatures: Marimo Moss Balls thrive in temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F). Extreme temperatures, either too high or too low, can harm the moss balls and even cause their death.

    No offense intended, but some sellers produce very small Marimo Moss Balls designed as keychain or necklace ornaments (???), encouraging customers to carry them around or hang them in their cars. However, this practice can quickly lead to their deterioration and eventual death, especially when subjected to heat and direct sunlight in the confines of a vehicle (Sometimes even we feel the car is too hot/cold to get in).

    Considering that these moss balls thrive indoors with minimal care and can live up to 100 years. Yes, 100 years! They're like the houseplant version of pet turtles, living organisms that breathe and even produce tiny bubbles in sunlight.

    Back on track, let's continue exploring why they die.

  5. Strong Water Currents: Strong water currents can damage Marimo Moss Balls and even drag them or destroy them. This is simple, just don’t flush them with tap water - you can definitely wash and clear the Marimo Moss Ball, but only dip in water to gently squeeze to wash, not flush under the strong flow of tap water.

  6. Lack of Moisture: Marimo Moss Balls require adequate moisture to maintain their growth and health. Prolonged drought can cause the moss balls to wither and eventually die.
  7. Carrying Harmful Organisms: Introducing harmful bacteria, fungi, or other microorganisms into the moss balls can negatively impact their health and even lead to death. This means if you put Marimo Moss Ball right in your aquarium too soon after you receiving it without quarantine, maybe they will die. Try to slowly add your aquarium water to Marimo Moss Ball’s bottle - during the first 2 weeks of quarantine upon receiving the package.

  8. Mysterious Cause of Death: Unknown Substances

    Moss Artistry have also stumbled upon a rather peculiar cause of death: the white pebbles commonly purchased from stores like Lowe's, Home Depot, Petco, or Petsmart—often used for decoration alongside Marimo Moss Balls. Without exception, the surfaces of these white pebbles are coated with murky water. So, whether it's for aesthetics or any other purpose, anything you add alongside Marimo Moss Ball should be thoroughly rinsed multiple times and soaked in water for 24-48 hours before being added to the tank. Whether it's crystals, sea glass, decorative driftwood... anything you introduce into the tank. Because, well, we just don't know what’s on the surface and inside.

These are some of the factors that may cause Marimo Moss Balls to die. When caring for Marimo Moss Balls, it is important to avoid these factors and ensure that appropriate environment and conditions are provided to maintain their health and growth.

Last, see this picture to tell if the Marimo Moss Ball is healthy:

Healthy and Unhealthy marimo moss ball comparison - care tips for raise marimo moss ball

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