FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is Moss Artistry, and what do you offer?

Moss Artistry is a specialized online platform offering a diverse range of moss-based products and creations. We provide an exquisite collection of Imagine Crafts, including finished products, DIY kits, mossy critter crafts, and essential tools. Our Verdant Accessories feature mossy silk scarves, engraved gifts, and resin accessories with moss, reflecting nature's charm in wearable art. For Home & Office, we offer home decor, office desktop decor, scented glow candles, and captivating moss walls. Additionally, our Customized category provides personalized celebration gifts, inspirational icons & logos, bespoke creations, and tailored landmark & cityscapes. Discover the beauty of greenery and creativity with Moss Artistry.

  1. What is the advantages of Evergreen Moss?

(1) Fireproof and environmentally friendly. It has undergone formal fireproof testing, colored with bio dyes, and is completely safe and long-lasting.

(2) Noise isolation. Evergreen moss is made from pure native plants and undergoes complex processing techniques, resulting in excellent noise isolation properties.

(3) Air purification. You may notice dust accumulating on the surface of the moss, but it is actually the moss absorbing dust from the air. Simply use a hairdryer to clean it.

(4) Fade-resistant. The moss is processed using strict techniques to ensure vibrant colors and a soft texture for 1-3 years.

(5) Insect and mold resistant.

  1. What is the techniques for Evergreen Moss?

Evergreen Moss is made from genuine moss, it undergoes a series of complex processing techniques, including dehydration, decolorization, drying, and dyeing. This creates dry moss that enhances the texture and enriches the colors of the plant. It finds extensive applications in commercial and office spaces.