Hundreds of Marimo Moss Balls Died - unhealthy moss balls die in my whole tank

Hundreds of Marimo Moss Balls Died - unhealthy moss balls die in my whole tank

Moss Artistry Copyright Article. Sharing sad some experience (rare and unique) of a bunch of Marimo Moss Balls Death - with pictures. 


I messed up. I may have killed these hundreds of Marimo moss balls.

One day, I got this big plastic container that looked really cool and large, so I decided touse it. After a few days, the moss balls started to get squishy, mushy, and yellowish. Just as I described in my previous articles.

Soft, easily squished. 

I tried adding some salt, thinking it would help the Marimo moss balls, but it didn’t work this time. I changed their water every day because it became dusty, white, and started to smell bad. I also gave them more sunshine, ensuring it didn’t get too hot.

White Dirty Water - Can’t believe it is the same day changed water. Usually 2 weeks changing water, if they smell fresh and good, meaning have built a ecosystem themselves, no need change water.

Look bad, smell bad. 
Compare to heathy tank. You may see it clearly:

Huge Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Marimo Moss Balls. 

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None of these saving method worked. The last thing I’m trying is putting them in the fridge to see if it helps. If this doesn’t work, I’ll have to let them go.

This is my real experience. I always kept them separate to prevent any sick ones from infecting the others. But this time, the transparent, large, plastic helmet-shaped container really made me lose my mind—I put in a lot of them. Almost all of them died.

Helmet, you not look cool to me no more. 

I'm heartbroken. 💔

I don't know the exact reason. I don’t know if it was because of the plastic, the sunlight, or if one or two of them got sick and released some white substance.

In any case, this time was really bad. Almost a few hundred of them died.

Sometimes, plants really make you feel powerless when you tried to save them.

Thinking about the people who confidently argued with me, insisting these are wool balls, makes me laugh a little.

If they were wool balls, they wouldn’t die, right?

I also have large moss balls died picture:

But like said, in 30 days if your purchase died, you get a free replace (you pay shipping).


Hopefully you learn something.

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